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How UKAS accreditation has improved the company in the last 3 years?

5th Mar 2018, by Dave Hughes

As a company we were always confident with the quality of services that we delivered to our customers. So in 2015 we decided to officially demonstrate this by applying for our first UKAS accreditation as an Inspection Body – ISO/IEC 17020:2012. This meant that the technical competence and integrity of our company was independently assessed. We received the accreditation in July 2015.

Having this accreditation has helped us to deliver our services more efficiently, enhanced our service quality and gives our customers confidence that the quality of our services are consistent.  Accreditation has definitely assisted with the growth of the company over the last couple of years. It gives us a competitive edge as being UKAS accredited is a requirement that some of our customers insist on, for others it is the comfort that they are dealing with a reputable company whose processes have been independently assessed by a national accreditation body.  

Following successful growth of the business we were able to expand our services further - Asbestos Air Monitoring was introduced in January 2017 following another successful UKAS accreditation – ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 Testing Laboratory.  This has allowed us to offer a wide range of asbestos services which can be tailored to meet customer requirements and ensure that customers are compliant with health and safety regulations.

Overall, UKAS accreditation has been a positive and effective process for Fibre Management Limited and we look forward to providing both new and existing customers with a professional service that they can rely upon.  

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