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11th Apr 2018, by Dave Hughes

Specific duties are placed on those responsible for managing or occupying buildings, as well as those who remove asbestos from them. Asbestos management is about the long-term demonstration of statutory compliance and asbestos removal is not the only means of asbestos abatement. Asbestos materials may be "enclosed" or "encapsulated" to prevent building occupants from being exposed to fibres.

Following your asbestos survey Fibre Management will guide and advise you of the next steps should asbestos be required to be removed or remediated. We are fully assessed by UKAS and accredited to ISO 17020 for Surveying and ISO 17025 for testing, inclusive of Air Sampling, Fibre Counting, 4 Stage Clearance and Decontamination.

Fibre Management are able to offer a complete package for asbestos including removal works and will work in partnership with our clients to create a bespoke asbestos remediation strategy to suit all needs. This could include;

  • Asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos risk assessments
  • Removal specifications
  • Systems to support the management of asbestos
  • Asbestos condition assessment
  • Asbestos UKATA training

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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