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Telephone 01342 31 38 48

Meet the team

Mike Loughney - Managing Director


Mike founded Fibre Management in 2008.

Under his leadership Fibre Management has developed and expanded its services, whilst remaining true to its original purpose of providing independent and impartial advice on the risks, management and removal of Asbestos.

Mike has a wealth of experience, with over 18 years working in asbestos related industries from civil engineering, rail and commercial to demolition. Mike oversees client management to ensure we provide a great professional relationship with all our clients and an unparalleled level of service.

Get in touch

Email: mike@fibremanagement.co.uk
Tel: 01342 31 38 48

Ronnie Loughney - Finance Director


Ronnie was appointed as Finance Director in 2008 and has over 23 years’ experience working in finance.

Prior to joining Fibre Management, Ronnie worked for a leading bank and FTSE 100 Company, in Corporate Property Finance.

As part of the core leadership team, Ronnie has been fundamental in broadening the services we offer, whilst ensuring we remain compliant in meeting our external and internal professional standards and requirements.

Get in touch

Email: ronnie.loughney@fibremanagement.co.uk
Tel: 01342 31 38 48

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